Australia’s international education system delivers education, training and research for students, business and industry around the world. This well-regarded system is based on some fundamental structures and principles.

We aim to deliver the highest quality education. We have high-calibre institutions, expert teachers and innovative researchers, and strong quality assurance for all stages of the learning journey through schools, vocational education and training, English language, higher education and research.

We value our students and strive to offer them an unmatched study experience. Pioneering student protection arrangements are designed to safeguard international students by setting out national standards for student recruitment, course quality and delivery.

This first National Strategy for International Education 2025 confirms our commitment to strengthening the fundamentals through a national approach. To remain a provider of choice for international students, it is crucial that we continue to evolve and improve our education offerings, and that we are committed to meeting our students’ needs, and remaining relevant to the industries and societies of the future.