Intent: To ensure Australian international education helps students, communities and industry around the world, meeting their expectations.

Measures of success

Success in meeting the objectives of this strategy will be measured by:

  • benchmarking against international standards
  • the employability of graduates
  • quality of the student experience
  • increased international collaboration and alumni engagement
  • growth in market share from the current level of 6 per cent.
A group of eight international students in conversation while walking outdoors.International students building personal and professional connections that will last a lifetime.
Pillar 1 -

the future
Goal 1
Building on a 
world-class education, training and research system
Action 1.1: Developing Australia’s role as a global leader in education, training and research
Action 1.2: Setting nationally consistent approaches that support the Australian international education sector
Goal 2

Delivering the best possible student experience
Action 2.1: Supporting students
Action 2.2: Informing student choice
Action 2.3: Preparing students for global engagement
Goal 3
Providing effective quality assurance 
and regulation
Action 3.1: Maintaining strong quality 
assurance systems
Action 3.2: Ensuring strong student protection
Pillar 2 -
Making transformative partnerships
Goal 4

Strengthening partnerships at home
Action 4.1: Engaging with the broader community
Action 4.2: Encouraging better links with business and industry
Goal 5

Strengthening partnerships abroad
Action 5.1: Building confidence through government-to-government engagement
Action 5.2: Strengthening collaboration 
through institution-to-institution partnerships
Goal 6
Enhancing mobility
Action 6.1: Supporting international mobility through practical visa settings and work arrangements
Action 6.2: Expanding student, education and training professional and researcher mobility
Action 6.3: Supporting graduates through qualifications recognition
Goal 7

Building lasting connections with alumni
Action 7.1: Engaging alumni
Pillar 3
Competing globally
Goal 8
Promoting our excellence
Action 8.1: Promoting Australia as a 
high-quality international education provider
Goal 9

Embracing opportunities to grow international education
Action 9.1: Building on innovative education 
and training services to meet student and employer needs
Action 9.2: Promoting opportunities in 
regional Australia
Action 9.3: Identifying and responding to 
new opportunities