Goal 8: Promoting our excellence

Australia will promote itself as a world-class international education provider.

Action 8.1

Promoting Australia as a high-quality international education provider

Promoting Australia as a high-quality international education provider builds trust, and supports the growth and development of our education sector.

Australia has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world's most attractive places to study and live. Australia consistently performs well in surveys on education and research quality, liveability, student satisfaction and employment outcomes. Our education providers have become experts in international student service delivery over many years. Our education, training and research excellence has built our popularity as an international collaborator. Countries around the world look to our world-class systems and learning products.

Australian international education will continue to build on its strengths and move forward as a united sector. We will promote Australia as a high-quality international partner and destination in established and emerging markets. In particular, the Austrade market development roadmap, Australian International Education 2025, will ensure Australia is competitively marketed in the global international education arena. Without restricting individual brands, we will work together to promote our shared excellence to be regarded as the best. During the next 10 years, Australia will aim to significantly expand its market access, especially in new and emerging regions.

Australia will:

  • promote itself as a high-quality international education destination.
A group of international students in conversation while walking on campus.International students enjoying a high quality living and learning experience in Australia.