We are conscious of intensifying competition in international education from both traditional and emerging players. A consistent and coordinated national effort will be key to addressing this challenge. 

We need to continue to promote Australia as a high-quality international education destination. It is vital that we demonstrate to other countries and to potential students the value of an Australian education. Students and their parents or sponsors want to be assured that they are investing in education that will deliver career benefits and demonstrate a return on their investment. We have a good message to sell, with quality education products supported by competitive visa settings and post-study work options.

At the same time, it is vital that we continue to work to ensure our international education matches this message. We will need to maintain the value and trust placed in an Australian education. We will also need to identify new opportunities, and to develop and evolve our products and services to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students, business and industry. Australia's international education community stands ready and able to embrace new opportunities, to diversify and innovate, and to exemplify the highest standards of quality and student experience.