Goal 5: Strengthening partnerships abroad

Australia will broaden our international engagement to support our role as a quality provider of international education. 

Action 5.1

Building confidence through government-to-government engagement

Government-to-government engagement provides vital support for Australia’s international education sector by laying the foundations for bilateral and multilateral collaboration. This opens new opportunities for countries and their students and providers.

Australia's international government-to-government and multilateral engagement encompasses cooperation in a range of areas including quality assurance, institutional accreditation and regulation, market access and promotion, qualifications recognition and research collaboration. Australia can also play a vital role in assisting with capacity building in emerging economies through financial assistance, designing or implementing training frameworks, and teacher exchanges. The Indo-Pacific region is a particular focus in government-to-government engagement. We have recently entered into free trade agreements with China, Korea and Japan, and are a signatory to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. These agreements will enhance our economic and social ties with these countries.

A Japanese man in a suit is standing in front of a group of flags from different countries, with the Japanese flag in the foreground.Mr Satoru Yamamoto from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) taking part in the MEXT-Australian Government Department of Education and Training’s officer exchange program. Government to government engagement is fundamental to strengthening international education.

The Australian Government will continue to provide access to, and recognition of, our international education sector through formal government-to-government representation and agreements, including through free trade agreements, memoranda of understanding, multilateral fora and working groups. 

Australia will:

  • build and maintain strong government-to-government relationships to promote Australia’s national interests in international education, training and research
  • support international capacity building.

Action 5.2

Strengthening collaboration through institution-to-institution partnerships

Institution-to-institution partnerships offer a wealth of opportunities for providers, students and researchers. 

The partnerships support the provision of education and training through multiple institutions; credit transfer and qualifications recognition; student, professional and researcher exchange; joint degrees and research; and consultancies. Australian education providers and research institutes have a long and successful history of international partnerships with tangible returns. 

Australia is keen to help education providers explore ways to further develop such partnerships, including country-to-country partnerships or domestic partnerships that may provide access to new international markets.

Australia will:

  • support education providers and research institutes in their international education, training and research efforts
  • expand institution-to-institution partnerships.