Goal 4: Strengthening partnerships at home

Australia will encourage local community and business and industry engagement to maximise the benefits of Australian international education for students, communities and businesses.

Action 4.1

Engaging with the broader community

Australia has a diverse international student population. This diversity provides us with a unique opportunity to build friendships, cultural understanding, respect and ongoing relationships. Engagement between international students and Australian local communities is pivotal to a positive student experience. Local governments and sporting and community groups help to build connections with international students and benefit from student diversity. Communities with which international students share a common language and heritage also offer important support. 

International students make an invaluable contribution to our society. We will continue to encourage greater engagement between students and the communities in which they reside. 

Australia will:

  • recognise, celebrate and communicate the benefits that international students bring to Australia
  • develop and share best practice approaches for connecting international students with communities.

Action 4.2

Encouraging better links with business and industry

Encouraging robust links between our international education sector and Australian business and industry supports enhanced graduate employability outcomes, research investment and output, and technology and innovation transfer.

Australia has a global reputation for sound business acumen and industry innovation. Australian businesses and industry make a valuable contribution to our education, training and research sectors, and partnerships between researchers and industry are delivering Australian innovation to the marketplace. Australian businesses also provide internships and work-based learning opportunities for students. 

We will continue to engage with industry to ensure our education and training systems are giving their future workforce the skills they need, including by encouraging ongoing educational engagement with industry and business. We will also continue to facilitate investment in high-quality research and innovation, and for partnerships in commercialisation and technology transfer. This will be supported by the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Australia will:

  • maximise the involvement of business and industry in education and training
  • facilitate further industry-research connections.