Goal 2: Delivering the best possible student experience

Australia will provide a rewarding experience for international students.

Action 2.1

Supporting students

Students need a supportive and enabling environment to reach their full potential. Further developing student supports will ensure that students have the assistance they need to perform academically and make meaningful social, professional and cultural connections.

A female Indonesia scholar sitting a library.Ms Fitri Widiantini of Indonesia studied Medical Science at Flinders University, South Australia as a recipient of an Australian Government Endeavour Postgraduate Award. The Australian Government is committed to supporting international capacity building.

Australia is a sought-after destination and provider of international education. We are highly regarded for the experience we provide for students, evidenced by the fact we are the world’s third most popular destination for international tertiary students. 

We will look for new ways to deliver and improve support services, affordable and convenient accommodation and public transport. We will also facilitate work opportunities. International students can work while studying and apply for a work visa following completion of their study. These arrangements support professional opportunities and contribute to the development of international networks. Experience gained through working in Australia is highly regarded internationally.

As part of our improvement processes, we will listen to international students to ensure that their needs are met. There are student representative bodies at the institutional, state and national levels, and we aim to work together with them to continually improve the student experience.

Australia will:

  • deliver support that meets or exceeds international student needs
  • build capacity for international student employment
  • encourage a strong international student voice and continually improve our performance based on student feedback.

Action 2.2

Informing student choice

Accurate and up-to-date information is key to ensuring students, parents and sponsors make informed choices. 

Australia excels in the provision of reliable information through a variety of media, including online portals by institutions and governments. Information from robust data collection and analysis, including graduate employment outcomes and student satisfaction surveys, drives continuous improvement and is accessible through public websites such as Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching. Students also have access to quality careers advice and links with employers throughout their learning journey. 

We will provide more in-depth information and analysis that is relevant and useful to international students and their families. New sources of information, such as the Future Unlimited website, will complement existing portals. 

Australia will:

  • provide accurate and relevant information to prospective, current and graduate students
  • provide quality careers advice throughout the learning experience.

Action 2.3

Preparing students for global engagement

All sectors—business, industry, academia and government—now require a highly mobile, highly competent workforce that is culturally aware and has strong problem-solving skills.

Australia's student-centred approach to teaching encourages students to be self-directed, critical thinkers. At the same time, our multicultural society, highly internationalised institutions and international outlook, along with programs that encourage foreign language learning and intercultural awareness, foster the acquisition of cultural competencies. Work integrated learning and work experience, such as internships and volunteerism, prepare students for the workplace. These factors interact to produce graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in the global labour market. 

The employability of our graduates will be a key measure of success against Australia’s goal to be the global leader in education, training and research. We will focus on developing employability and opportunities for work integrated learning, enhancing the nexus between education and employment. 

Australia will:

  • provide work experience opportunities that prepare students for the global labour market
  • deliver highly employable, globally in-demand graduates.