Goal 1: Building on a world-class education, training and research system

Australia will build on our education, training and research system to ensure it remains among the best in the world.

Action 1.1

Developing Australia's role as a global leader in education, training and research

Australia's excellence in education, training and research translates to benefits and opportunities for students, for Australia and for the world. We equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be productive, globally aware citizens who can confidently respond to the challenges of tomorrow.

Innovation is vital to further develop our role and expand our market. New and attractive education products and services that capitalise on technological advances will meet the needs of new students and provide them with the skills needed by industry in the future. Learning will increasingly occur in-market and online, as well as onshore. New partnerships will support delivery of Australian education across the globe.

Australia will:

  • embrace best practice in all aspects of education, training and research
  • continue to develop a diverse, flexible and innovative education and training system
  • develop and support innovative education products and services.

Action 1.2

Setting nationally consistent approaches that support the Australian international education sector

This strategy recognises the importance of the sector, highlights the opportunities available and the actions to take advantage of them, and promotes coordination between all stakeholders.

The strategy has been developed through a coordinated national effort. This shared approach for Australian international education reflects the views of the education sector, business and industry, and governments. 

Ongoing, regular engagement between governments, peak bodies, education providers, business and industry, students and the broader community will encourage the sharing of ideas and intelligence to align our activities and ensure consistent policy settings across jurisdictions. By harnessing and coordinating our resources, we will deliver Australian international education that meets and exceeds the expectations of students and their employers. 

Australia will:

  • work together to set nationally consistent approaches that support the Australian international education sector
  • engage with all levels of government and other stakeholders in key international education initiatives.